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E-Commerce Website Design Services
Lower bounce rate, increase user interaction, leads and improve conversion
  • Easy content management - Add, remove and edit text and images with ease
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We have some of the best and talented online store developers with an eye for detail combined with years of experience. Each store is built for easy user interaction, high performance, SEO optimization and robust digital marketing plans.

HostCoral is a web hosting and web design agency where research-driven strategies and creative design meet revenue and results. We are not a company that bloats with big-name brands in our portfolio, but to partner with businesses and persons who want to be at the top of industry standards and provide high quality solutions.

The Secret Ingredients
What makes a store great

Why aren’t you getting the results you want? Building and effective e-commerce store requires an eye for detail, years of experience and proven research with results. Whether you’re selling a $5 t-shirt or a $4500 audio system, our team of experienced UI designers, digital strategists and web developers move full steam ahead into every challenge so that your customers get an e-commerce experience that is pleasant and welcoming.

A user-friendly designUI designHaving a user-friendly design creates a night-and-day difference when visiting online store. We use effective and proven designs.
Secure your dataSecuritySecurity is essential with e-commerce. Making sure your customers data is secured gives them peace of mind and improves your store’s SEO ranking.
Search Engine ReadySEOFull SEO support CMS. Our websites support easy to implement SEO software with an abundance of advanced features.
Information that countsAnalyticsUse the built-in store and product analytics data to help understand your specific crowd in order to help improve sale and product selection.
Mobile friendly websiteResponsiveAll our e-commerce website are built with mobile friendliness in mind. Having a mobile-ready store is essential to online business.
Easy to upgradeUpgrade-ableWe use WooCommerce to build stores, this makes is super easy to maintain, edit and upgrade your store with abundance of features.
E-commerce Marketing Resources
Staying up-to-date in the market

If you are in need of marketing tips and advice. Our marketing experts can help get you on the right path to maintaining a successful business. Avoid many major mistakes that beginners make which in return, helps grow your business faster, keep customers happy and do more in less time.

Marketing is just as important as a working website and that’s why we make sure that you are ready for the upcoming challenge of running an online store. Get advice and useful tips from experienced eCommerce store owners and designers who have worked on high scaled projects.

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