WordPress & WooCommerce

We provide full WordPress and WooCommerce support. Our servers are tailored to take full advantage of all of the features offered by WordPress and WooCommerce. Together they form a powerful online E-commerce system with limitless possibilities.

WordPress Ready
full features & support

Our WordPress servers have been optimized to support all the latest features and update for WordPress. We automate the update process, keeping you safe and future-proof.

Press it with WordPress

Our WordPress web servers have been optimized to work with the WordPress CMS system. Fast response times, image optimization and caching are just a few features of the specialized service. We also include a few of our own custom made plugins for free.

  • Easy Content Management
  • User-friendly Page Builder
  • Thousands Of Tutorials
WooCommerce Ready
support to the core

Our experts make sure that your website is built with you in mind. We consider your needs and design style. If you are unsure about what you need, we can help you in that area. With a series of questions we can quickly determine the type of website that suits you.

Woo! to WooCommerce

Extra memory and faster response times are needed when running a E-commerce store. To gain the best possible performance, we recommend the Coral or Grand web hosting packages. These packages are built to handle the power of WooCommerce, they also support extra options needed to run your web shop reliably.

  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Quick To Set Up
  • Many Feautres & Expandable
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