Features & Packages

All of our packages come ready and tailored to provide you the best experience. Each plan includes at e-mail address inbox, weekly backups,  SSL support, HostCoral Control Panel, Domain settings support, FTP access, Traffic and usage monitor, One-click app installer and much more.


Ideal For starters

The Baby Plan gives you all the essential web hosting features you need to get you started on a basic website, small blog, or personal site. This package works well even for small online e-commerce stores with just a few products. This package is recommended for website with less than 5000 unique visits per month

  • 10,000 Vistors Per Month
  • 5GB Disk Drive
  • Max 2 Websites


For the grower

If you need a little more than the essential features of the Baby server then we recommend the Coral Plan. This package is suitable for either a single, higher traffic website or multiple basic websites. This is our most popular plan, most customers prefer this package if they currently or in the future plan to host multiple websites.

  • 27,000 Vistors Per Month
  • Max 4 Websites
  • 10GB Disk Drive


Great for business owners

If your website has heavy traffic or resource intense then the Reef plan is your best option. Our Reef packages are hosted on dedicated reef servers. This package is great for medium sized websites or e-commerce stores because it offers the user much more reliability during high traffic spikes and faster loading times.

  • 100,000 Vistors Per Month
  • Max 6 Websites
  • 20GB Disk Drive



If you need as much control and power available get the Grand Plan. This package is suitable is for the professional, built for hosting multiple websites, web stores or blogs. This is our most powerful package. Each Grand Reef plan is hosted on it’s own dedicated Grand Reef VPS Server. Unlimited power at your fingertips!

  • 250,000 Vistors Per Month
  • Unlimiteed Websites
  • 25GB Disk Drive
  • VPS Server

Which Plan Do I Need?

Need help on deciding which plan is right for you? All of our packages include free standard 24/7 support and free WordPress support for all WordPress packages. Our servers are fully optimized and fully support WordPress and other CMS systems. Contact us to help you decide on which hosting is right for you.