What should a website cost?

If you’re a little lost in the pricing jungle of websites, we have a few tips on how to determine your expected website costs.

Cheap vs Expensive

Today we will answer the age old question that seems to have many different answers. We will take a look at why this question is so often asked and also answer any questions that you may have. A website should be seen as a car.

Both cheap and expensive cars get your from point a to point b but the difference is the experience of the ride. Do you need to have air-conditioning, smooth response, cruise control, reliability, better top speed, purified air,
or any other luxury. To some these are absolutely necessary, to others, not so much. If you need help deciding what type of website is right for you and any costs that may be associated, contact us here to help you figure it out.

To start it off let’s take a look at a few key factors that play a role in website pricing

1. Duration

The longer the product takes to get made or deliver, the higher the pricing will be naturally in most cases. If your project has a fixed price and no agreed delivery date then duration might not play a large of role when it comes to pricing.

2. Certified?

If your website is being built by a professional person or company, you can expect pricing of $2000 and upwards. Having a non professional build your website can save you money in the beginning but cost you much more in the future. For example; If Joe from down the street fixes your car’s oil filter but forgets to drain the old oil and reset the filter monitor, your brand new filter is as good as the old one.Unfortunately, we see this quite often when clients choose to have a website built by a friend or non certified professional. Often their website is lacking in UIX, fluidity and structure.

We can see it as ; a website built by a friend will attract friends but a website built by a professional will most likely attract professionals. Remember, a certified professional has years of experience and is aware of the ins-and-outs of website development.

3. Designer vs developer

What many don’t seem to understand : a web designer is not necessarily a web designer. By default, a web developer / programmer or is much more advanced than a web designer. A web developer is often able to address much more technical issues, improve the website performance and stability much more effectively.

4. Experience

In all fields an experienced person in the field is always more exensive than an unexperineced
person. Having extra years of experience is key in delivery time and troubleshooting any issues that may arrive.

5. Website Maintenance

Just like any long lasting product, websites also require maintenance. Having a
qualified person or service to maintain your website is very important for website availability.
To prevent your website
from getting outdated and lower its chance of being unavailable due to an error or outdated script

6. Big variances

Website prices can var from $50 to $50.000 .”I see websites for way less online! Around $100 – $150″. Yes, there are many people that offer websites for $50 to $200 online. The question you should first ask is “why?”. Why are their websites so cheap? What we have noticed with many companies/persons offering these prices suffer from the following :

  • Little to no experience in web design
  • Often, they are not certified
  • Delivery very poor quality products
  • Outsource the work to an external party
  • Fail to meet expectation
  • Have no references
  • Limited capability
  • Products fail basic website requirements and guidelines

7. Professionalism

What are you trying to achieve with your website? Are you trying to be run on official
service / business or is this just a hobby. If you would like to be taken seriously and represent your products in a processional way, then, you will need someone who is certified and able to deliver. Unfortunately, not all experienced web developers offer excellent products. Again, make sure the person you are working with has references and examples of their work.

What to do now?

If you are not willing to take our word for it (after all we are a web development company),
ask a few professional online business about the costs of their website. If they are willing to share any information, we are quite sure it will be somewhere along the lines of what is mentioned above.

At HostCoral, to keep your mind at ease, we offer a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you pay $0. Click here to learn more about our money-back guarantee. The most important points for us is that you are satisfied with your product and your website meets our quality requirements.

If you have any questions or unsure about any of our products, services, other or just looking for advice,  contact us here to offer you assistance. Do you need a free website for your business?
Visit the free website check to find out if you are eligible for a free website.

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